Hey folks,

Just wanted to let anyone who’s listening know that I’m probably gonna be deserting this blog for the for the foreseeable future. I didn’t want to delete it because I’ve put a lot of energy into building this collection of my visual artworks. But I’ve been doing a little spiritual house cleaning and come to the decision to refocus my life more around music, and part of that decision has come to involve the creation of a new blog that will basically be dedicated to my life and experiences in relation to the band Life (which consists of me and my good friends Rob and Surge) and my own solo endeavors which I call mandala eyes.

I WILL be posting a decent amount of visual artwork whenever I get the chance to do it, and if you head over to http://mandalaeyesvisual.tumblr.com you’ll see that I’ve already gathered images of several CDs I’ve designed for Life’s various albums. So if you’re interested mainly in my visual work your appetite may still be satiated by the new site.

If you’re interested at all in continuing to follow what I do with my life and time, I’d be really happy to have you follow my new tumblog, which again is located at http://mandalaeyes.tumblr.com. Otherwise, farewell for now, take care, enjoy the archives I’ve amassed here, or feel welcome to let me fade peacefully into the background of silence that encompasses you.

Take care,


2 years ago

I painted this mandala on one of my little wooden coffee tables, to bring a fresh, unified, creative energy into my space in place of the disjointed graffiti that covered it before. I like it a lot.

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Drew this on the return flight from San Francisco.

2 years ago 12 notes

Doodled this on the plane on my way to San Francisco to spend four wonderful days with my girlfriend.

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This, which started out as a doodle for a friend, has now ended up serving as cover art for my latest musical creation, Where My Nose Ends and Space Begins. You might want to check it out, because you played an indispensable role in its creation.

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Disc art for a physical copy of the Life album “Living”.

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Disc art for a physical copy of the Life album “Dying”.

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I just drew these two disc designs for Yvan, the first person to order a physical CD of one of Life’s albums. And having it shipped all the way to france, no less! Thanks for the love, Yvan.

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